Melgador is a large continent located in the North East of the known world. Due to it's location, winters on the continent are cold and long, and in the northern reaches of the country they can be brutal. In the southern and prairie provinces, the daily average temps increase significantly, allowing for successful agriculture and much easier lifestyle.

 Ancient Civilizations Edit

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Many peoples across the land of Melgador tell stories of ancient times, millennia ago, when enormous dragons tore apart the land with magic and fire. Fighting a war for supremacy over Al'Dor, only the most powerful, Dracan Vantari or Dragon Lord, in the new words, were able to survive. From the monster's bones scattered across the land, we can suspect that these dragons slaughtered each other for centuries until only a few remained. It is said that after the land was badly burnt and torn, a great flood came to extinguish the fire, but with the fall of such power, awoke an even more ancient race, known to the people of Melgador as The Behemoths. Existing in various forms, these beasts tended to be passive unless angered, however there are many known cases of unprovoked behemoth attacks. Following the Age of Fire and the great flood, civilizations of man, elf, and dwarf quickly began to dominate all corners of the land. From the frozen tundra of Everwinter to the Silver shores, a plethora of small civilizations taking various forms are known to have existed in the time before the Ryn'em. While most of the knowledge that was kept has been lost, we are able to piece together our history through stories passed on and through incomplete Ryn'em records destroyed during the fall of the empire.

There were countless groups of peoples living in Melgador prior to the appearance of the Ryn'em, however they can be grouped into seven categories, as this is how they appeared to the Ryn'em. The small groups were first established by leaders who were able to gather the resources and followers to establish the first centers of civilization. However the first kingdoms were frail in both defenses and willpower, and as time passed, the ancient behemoths of Melgador proved to be an enormous hindrance to their success. Over decades of hard work and cooperation, the First Kingdoms developed the technology and fighting abilities to combat these massive beasts. Eventually these kingdoms grew to considerable size, providing the initial groundwork that would lead to the success of the Ryn'em empire. While some of this information comes from written sources, most is a compilation of stories and legends passed on for centuries.

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The Spire - located in Atlas

The Pass - located in Whitethorn

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Atlas - Old Pine, North Pine, Oldwood

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Atlas - Red River,

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Creation - year 800 see History of Winterfall

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