The nation of Nolmë is located on the continent of Elador.

History Edit

Consumed by Fire Edit

The continent of Nulmë was once a land inhabited by thousands of diverse dragons. These powerful dragons terrorized the other inhabitants of Nulmë at the time; the High Elves. This group of elves were thought to be a creation of the dragons’ magic and their origin is not entirely known. For two hundred years the dragons burned down Elven towns, killing an incomprehensible number of men women and children, making life impossible for the High Elves. Although the elves tried many times to fight against the dragons, their attempts were all futile and ended in more death and destruction.

War for the Island Edit

In the year 270 a young Beriion Silvenar raised an army to fight against the dragons. Utilizing the power of a thousand mages from across the continent, Beriion Silvenar was able to sustain a magical forcefield protecting the people of Nulmë long enough to gather and train an army large enough to march on the largest dragon nest Del Valdra. Beriion Silvenar even sent a ship to the Kearan Empire, where his brother served as First Wizard to Elstaer the Conqueror, requesting aid, and was sent several hundred well trained soldiers from the Kearan Army in addition to several powerful mages of the Er’yra Tûr. However an ancient cult of Dragon worshipers calling themselves the Draikon, opposed Silvenar in his goal to wipe out the dragons. Although they were a small force, they continually raided Silvenar’s camp, killing soldiers and citizens alike. With the aid of a spy, Silvenar was able to ambush the cult on one of their raids and captured and beheaded a large portion of the Draikon. After this failed raid, the cult was not seen for hundreds of years. With ten thousand elven warriors, the elves brought down the walls of Del Valdra and fought to gain their freedom from the dragons of Nulmë. While the fighting raged on, Beriion took a group of his strongest warriors now known as the Silver Shield and intended to slaughter the Dragon Lord, Tavorth The Voiceless. After a bloody fight, the massive dragon Tavorth lay dead and the remaining dragons flew off to escape the same fate. Although many died on both sides, when the dust cleared, the Elves had emerged victorious. Beriion Silvenar was crowned the first High King also known as The Silvenar of the new country Nolmë.


The Silvenar Edit

The first High King Beriion Silvenar had a vision for a peaceful wide kingdom with a strong sense of culture and great prosperity. After the defeat of Tavorth and the dragons, this vision became reality. For three hundred years the people of Nolmë made immense advancements in magic, literature, art and architecture, building massive beautiful cities.

The Elves of the Forest Edit

A group of elves however did not enjoy spending time in the vast marble cities of Nolmë and instead made their home in the Forest Name where over time, the magic of Lake Name changed them into an entirely new type of elf. These new elves were known as the Wood Elves. More skilled in natural magic and the use of the bow, these elves are known as the best hunters in Al’Dor. Other notable changes between the High Elves and Wood Elves include darker skin, greater hearing and sight, generally shorter stature, and dark hair.

The Draconic Order Edit

A second group of elves known as the Draconic Order were members of an ancient cult originally known as the Draikon that worshiped the dragons on Nolmë. These elves did not support Beriion Silvenar because of his hate for the dragons.

When The Silvenar’s personal task force, the Silver Sword, founded in the year 620, was instructed to hunt down the remaining dragons on Nolmë the Draconic Order reemerged as a new race of elves. The Drow elves had gone through an ancient ritual allowing them to be reborn with new physical appearance and many new abilities. The Drow elves had a dark purple-gray skin, with dark hair and black eyes. In addition the Drow had a resistance to fire and innate skills in fire and illusion magic.

The new Draconic Order attempted to protect the dragons as they worshiped them, studied them, and learned from them. The Order opposed the Silvenar and 4,000 soldiers met the the Silver Sword and the army of Nolme in open combat in the year 626. After a crushing defeat in which the leader of the order, Elslain Taeros, THE MOTHER FUCKING DRAGON RIDER, was killed the Silver Sword continued to hunt down the members of the Draconic Order. After three years of being hunted, the remaining members of the Order, over 6,000 Drow, fled to Falador to start a new life. They would name their new country Elslain, in memory of their fallen leader.

Er’yra Tûr Edit

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