The Scorpion Pit Edit

On the southernmost tip of the Eastern Lands exists a place where most mortals fear to explore. Powerful magic of Al’Dor has, over time, created vile beasts known as arachnoids. Sharing parts of both humans and scorpions, these beasts are known to be ferocious and deadly. They produce a deadly venom that is known to cause certain death. Along with their powerful pincers and armored bodies, The Scorpion Pit is a perilous region, where only the most experienced adventurers should consider entering.

The arachnoids tend to excrete their venom when they are younger, creating pools of venom that crystallize forming rare crystals with extreme alchemical properties.

The arachnoids are primal creatures and are led by the strongest amongst them. This alpha is known as the Scorpion King and is generally the largest and strongest of the pack.

There is a legend about a group of adventurers who traveled to the Scorpion Pits many times to harvest the venom crystals, however on one occasion they were unlucky enough to come face to face with the terrifying Scorpion King. Appearing bright red in color, the lone survivor gave him the name, “The Red Devil”.

On another occasion, a scorpion king, twice the size of any known scorpion king, fed off of the lesser creatures. This famous Scorpion King, given the name, Savage King, wandered out of the pits that had grown too small for him.

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