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History Edit

Ancient Winterfall Edit

The First Age Edit

The Birth of A Nation Edit


The Kingdom of Winterfall is the oldest in all of Al’Dor, however, not much of is known of Ancient Winterfall. Modern Winterfall, which was founded in the year 47, was lead by were the Lords of the Nine Holds, all of whom were followers of Remus, the last Xenon. The lords were Thorin Spire of  Atlas, Balgruf the Terrible of Valkar, Ailmer of The Silver Coast, Orin Stoneface of The Stoneface Pass, Gorruk Bloodfist of Cedia, Joan Seina of Dehn, Gunther Alokin of Tandersun, Melnir Greanleaf of The EbonWood, and Lord Barryn of The Ice Plains.

The Second Age Edit

  • Avalanche? Mountain is abandoned.
  • Westwater is formed to defend from Cedia
  • Cedia invades the Ice Plains
  • Brother's Pass Conflict
  • Camelsome forms and Westwater Splits
  • No clue after this
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