Session One:

Session Two: Edit

Tibolt woke up and paid 15 gold to Hogarth for his work with the Boomerang, who said it may take one more day.

Obe stole a sword from Hogarth and managed to sell it for 30 gold to a noble child. Tibolt met with Horst who told him about the Tomb of the 8, and Tibolt left to find some help. The party met at Horst's and talked about how they may be able to find its location. After befriending a cleric Otis, they broke into the Order's guild hall and realized that the book had been stolen during a raid. This led the party to Keagun castle in the middle of the night, where they murdered the guards after not being let in. Tibolt then proceeded to threw their bodies off the cliff. When they failed to find a way to unlock the door, Tibolt attempted to hide and sneak in, while the others headed to the Akh'Dina guildhall for more information where they met Commander Legia and signed up for guard duty. After discovering the castle doors locked from the inside, Tibolt climbed around the side of the castle and broke into the second story window, leading to a storage room. He continued to explore and happened upon a nobleman who he beat to death. He snuck downstairs and ran into Aralil from the Dying Chambers who agreed to meet him outside the city after being asked about the Tomb of the 8. While this was going on, Obe and Keltac headed to the inn where they failed to charm the bartender and instead asked by the Drover sons to murder their father so they may split his gold.

Session 3 Edit

Tybolt met with the Akh'Dina agent Aralil who told him about the corrupt Order of Ryheus and the false Tomb of the Eight. Knowing about the Tomb's connection to the Crown of Atlas, and on a search himself for the crown, Aralil grew skeptical of Tybolt's true intentions. With some persuasion, Tybolt convinced Aralil to allow his party to join them to Juliana's death site.

Drol searched for answers about his magical gem at the Wizards Guild where an old mage informed him that the sapphire had a powerful enchantment, however, only Wyndenmere, the missing head wizard, would be able to help him with its identification. The wizard also informed Drol about the death site of Juliana and its connection to the crown.

Meanwhile, Obe and Keltac searched for the Drover children throughout the city of Oldmont. Eventually being approached by a shifty elf who offered information for a sum of gold. She informed them that the Drovers had secretly fled the city, retreating to Braedon until hearing word about their father. The two met with the Noble Lord Drover and informed him of their plan to spread false news of the lord's death, and wait for the sons to return to Oldmont.

Finally, nearing the end of the night, Tybolt located Drol and gathered Keltac and Obe in Oldmont and the four decided to leave without Aralil to explore the death site of Lady Juliana on their own. Shortly after leaving Oldmont, their cart was attacked by a group of bandits who were slain by the party save one who was tortured for information about the bandits hideout. Low and behold, a few minutes down the road the party discovered an abandoned Inn that the bandits had taken up residence in, and cleared them out as well, taking the bandits loot as their own.

On their way to the destination, the party stopped in the lumber town of Braedon so Obe and Keltac could go off to search for the Drover sons, however Tybolt and Drol sold their cart full of loot, choosing to hit the road without their two other companions. Eventually Obe and Keltac came across the Drovers and informed them of their father's death, and received a small down payment for their work. After discovering that their companions were gone, Obe and Keltac got back on the road and continued south to their next destination of Alderdi, not entirely sure of their final destination.

After a few more days of travel, Obe and Keltac discovered the destroyed cart outside of Alderdi, unaware that Tybolt and Drol had sold the loot and disposed of the cart. Not knowing where to proceed to, the two explored the small town and accompanying castle, discovering some of their loot had in fact been sold to the blacksmith.

Meanwhile, Drol and Tybolt continued to the death site of Lady Juliana, where they discovered an altar and the graves of  25 Knights of Ryheus. After spending hours attempting to find clues, the party of Akh'Dina and Aralil finally made it to the site as well, cautiously approaching the two. After some discussion, Tybolt informed Aralil of their kidnapping and poisoning by the mysterious figure, who Aralil instantly identifies her as Crisenth Moonfall, an ex-associate and demon worshiper. He offers a cure for your poison when you meet him back in Oldmont, noting that your party was not the first to be kidnaped by her. Finally, the Akh'Dina members dig up the appropriate graves, revealing religious silver arm bands engraved with clues to what the party assumes is the Tomb of the Eight.

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